Address bar position browser chrome safari

Chrome for iOS moves the address bar to the bottom of the screen Address bar position browser chrome safari

Address bar position browser chrome safari Roughly three years back, iOS unveiled a seemingly uncomplicated yet incredibly user-friendly innovation for Safari enthusiasts. This enhancement involved the option of relocating the browser bar from the conventional top position to the more accessible bottom of the mobile screen. Presently, Chrome has taken a leaf out of iOS’ book and incorporated a similar feature.

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Address bar position browser chrome safari

The credit for capturing this novel attribute first goes to Steve Moser, a reporter from MacRumors. As of now, this functionality can exclusively be experienced on iOS via Testflight – a platform designed for the installation and testing of new beta versions.

Shifting the bar’s placement is a straightforward action, achieved by a simple tap-and-hold gesture. Alternatively, users can customize this setup within Chrome’s configuration settings. In accordance with statements released by Google, the company is also in the process of introducing this feature to Android users. However, a specific rollout date remains undisclosed Address bar position browser chrome safari.

Interestingly, Google had actually introduced this very functionality in Chrome for Android back in 2017. Nevertheless, this earlier attempt was short-lived, as the feature was swiftly retracted. Perhaps the current effort will prove more enduring. Admittedly, the top bar’s accessibility has diminished with the advent of larger mobile screens. Nonetheless, it’s worth acknowledging that many users find the bottom placement to be more intuitive.