AI Summit

AI Summit 2023 held in Islamabad


10Pearls, an end-to-end digital services company, made waves by hosting the groundbreaking AI Summit 2023 in Islamabad, dedicated to the exploration of artificial intelligence.

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The event, held at the Pak-China Friendship Center, garnered immense interest with over 1,500 registrations from students, professionals, and entrepreneurs, underscoring the growing significance of AI in various sectors.

Launched in 2019, the AI Summit seeks to delve into the transformative potential of AI. This year’s summit featured more than 30 speakers who delivered tech talks, engaged in panel discussions, and held fireside chats. In addition, the 2023 AI Summit offered hands-on workshops and showcased demos of cutting-edge innovations from emerging startups.

Syeda Sana Hussain: AI Summit

Senior Director of People & Programs, commented on the event’s success, saying, “Both the conference track and workshops were fully packed with super-charged and enthusiastic audiences. All the emerging AI startups who showcased their products received a phenomenal response, attracting the interest of potential investors and the public alike. This incredible success of AI Summit 2023 shows the transformative role AI can play in addressing the complex challenges of today’s world.”

Some of the notable sessions included discussions on “Cybersecurity Gets Smart” by Peter Hesse, “AI & National Governance” by Tariq Malik, “Tech Innovation and AI” by Syed Meesum Raza, “Impact of AI in the Fintech Space” by Ammar Karim, and “Optimization of BizOps through AI” by Muhammad Awais Ejaz.

The summit also featured three panel sessions, namely “AI Disruption in the Startup Ecosystem,” “Explainable AI & Healthcare 5.0,” and “GPT-3: Navigating the Crossroads of Technology and Humanity.” Additionally, a Fireside Chat was conducted on “The Intersection of AI and Big Data: Opportunities and Challenges.”

The hands-on workshops were equally engaging, offering insights into topics such as “Introduction to Kaggle and Progression System” by Adnan Zaidi, Ambassador, Kaggle; “Unpacking Facial Recognition technology” by Shehrooz Sattar, Principal Software Engineer at 10Pearls; and “Creating Interactive AI Applications” by Ahmad Anis, Machine Learning Engineer at RedBuffer.

The AI Summit 2023 also provided a platform for six startups to showcase their work – Autilent, VisionRD, Deutics Global, Adlytic AI, AI Care, and SINGE Network, further highlighting the vibrant and innovative AI ecosystem in Pakistan.

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