Citrix NetScaler Bug

Critical Citrix NetScaler Bug – More Than Just Patches 1

According Citrix NetScaler Bug to security experts at Mandiant, even after applying the patches, there are ongoing exploitation risks for updated systems. The critical vulnerability in certain Citrix NetScaler products, which was addressed last week, still presents a threat, as per their analysis.

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To effectively safeguard vulnerable systems, more than just patching is required. In the case of this vulnerability, identified as CVE-2023-4966, Mandiant recommends additional measures. They pointed out that zero-day exploits have been active since late August, granting attackers the capability to take control of authenticated sessions, thereby circumventing multifactor authentication and other robust authentication requirements.

Mandiant’s investigation also revealed instances of “session hijacking,” where session data was pilfered prior to the patch’s deployment and subsequently employed by malicious actors. In simpler terms, applying the patch doesn’t necessarily prevent attackers who have already gained access to a system.

Citrix NetScaler Bug:

This “authenticated session hijacking” could potentially lead to further unauthorized access, depending on the permissions and access level granted to the compromised identity or session. Threat actors could exploit this method to gather more credentials, pivot laterally, and infiltrate additional resources within the environment.

To effectively thwart such attackers post-patch, Mandiant suggests taking a series of actions. These include terminating all active and persistent sessions, rotating credentials, rebuilding any devices from a clean image if there is evidence of web shells or backdoors, and limiting incoming access to trusted IP addresses.

Citrix has updated its initial advisory to acknowledge the existence of these exploits.

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