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Gold Rate in Pakistan Today – 30 December 2023


As of December 30, 2023, the current gold rate in Pakistan for 24-karat gold is Rs. 218,800 per tola and Rs. 187,929 for 10 grams, according to the latest updates from the Karachi, Multan, and Lahore bullion markets.

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The fluctuations in these rates are intricately linked to changes in the value of the US Dollar, underscoring the close relationship between currency values and gold prices. Globally, the gold price is on the rise at $2062 per ounce. It is noteworthy that gold prices in Pakistan may experience significant fluctuations due to the dynamics of the global gold market.

For the most up-to-date and accurate gold rates, it is recommended to visit local gold merchants and jewelers in your area. If you have a keen interest in gold, staying attuned to market trends is essential to make informed decisions in response to potential fluctuations in the gold market in Pakistan. If you’re curious about yesterday’s gold rate, you can check it out for reference.

Today’s 24K Gold Prices in Pakistan (December 30, 2023) are as follows:

  • 1 gram: 18,793
  • 10 grams: 187,929
  • 1 tola: 218,800
  • 1 ounce: 584,524
  • 1 kilogram: 18,792,867

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Gold Rate in Pakistan Today
Gold rates in Pakistan

The detailed table illustrates the fluctuations in the gold rate throughout the day in Pakistan Standard Time (PKT):

TimeGold 24K Per TolaGold Per Ounce
12:25 AM NightPKR 219,000$2064
8:10 AMPKR 219,000$2062
10:00 AMPKR 219,000$2062
1:00 PMPKR 219,000$2062
3:50 PMPKR 218,800$2062
gold price for Pakistan

It’s important to note that the gold rate remains consistent throughout Pakistan, with only a slight variation of a few hundred rupees across cities.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that the gold rate experiences hourly changes. To stay updated with the latest rates, you can visit our website or download our app from the Google Play Store. For those interested in silver rates, the latest information is available on our platform.

Gold Rate in Pakistan today, December 30, 2023:
As of today, December 30, 2023, the 1 tola gold price in Pakistan is Rs. 218,800. The Gold Prices in Pakistan are typically derived from the Karachi Gold Market.

In Pakistan, gold rates undergo changes due to two main factors. The first significant reason is the fluctuations in the dollar rate, and the second reason is the economic instability of Pakistan.

These external factors exert an influence on local gold prices, leading to multiple changes in the gold rate throughout the day.

Gold Rate in Pakistan Today
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In the table below, you can review the latest 1 tola Gold Price in Pakistan on December 30, 2023, for different karats:

Gold TypeRate per GramRate per 10 GramsRate per TolaRate per Troy OunceRate per Kilogram
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  • Gold 24K Ounce: $2062

Gold Price Today In Major Cities Of Pakistan
This represents the current 1 Tola Gold Price in major Pakistan cities, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Faisalabad, and Multan.

The gold rate remains nearly consistent across the country. However, there may be a minimum difference of a few hundred rupees to a maximum of a thousand rupees across cities.

To confirm the price, visit your city’s sarafa bazar or consult local gold dealers and jewelers for more accurate gold rates.

City24K Rate per Tola22K Rate per Tola
Latest Gold Rate in Pakistan Today

1 tola gold price in Pakistan

Gold Rate In Pakistan For the Last 30 Days

DATEGOLD 24K per TolaGOLD 22K PER Tola
28 Dec 2023PKR 220,100PKR 201,230
27 Dec 2023PKR 219,800PKR 200,956
… (continued for previous days) …
New Gold Rate in Pakistan Today

The gold rates provided here are for informational purposes only and are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. We do not take responsibility for their validity or claim their precision.

Gold Rate in Pakistan Today


What is the current gold rate in Pakistan for 1 tola?

As of today, 30 December 2023, the rate of 1 Tola 24-carat gold in Pakistan is PKR 219,000.

What is the rate of 1 Tola 22-carat gold in Pakistan today?

As of today, 30 December 2023, the rate of 1 Tola 22-carat gold in Pakistan is PKR 200,407.

How many grams are in one Tola?

In 1 Tola, there are “11.664” grams.

How many carats are in a tola?

Carats are used to measure the weight of gemstones (Nagina), not gold. Gold is typically measured in grams or ounces.

How many Ratti are in one Masha?

One Masha is equal to 8 Ratti.

How much does 1 gram of gold cost in Pakistan?

As of today, 30 December 2023, 1 gram of gold in Pakistan costs PKR 18,793.

How often does the gold rate change in Pakistan?

The gold rate in Pakistan can change anytime, and it may fluctuate multiple times per day.

What factors influence the gold rate in Pakistan?

The gold rate in Pakistan is greatly influenced by fluctuations in the dollar rate and the economic instability of Pakistan.

What is the difference between 24-carat and 22-carat gold?

24-carat gold is the purest form of gold, containing 99.5% of the precious metal, while 22-carat gold contains 91.6% gold and 8.4% of other metals.

Where to sell gold in Pakistan?

Don’t sell gold to local jewelers; they won’t give you a good price. It is advisable to sell gold in Pakistan at Sarafa Bazar to wholesalers, as they usually offer better prices compared to local jewelers.