Gold Rates in Pakistan

Gold Rates in Pakistan

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Gold Rates in Pakistan


If you’re keeping a close eye on the gold rates in Pakistan, you’re in the right place. As of the latest update, the gold prices are subject to change based on various factors, including global market trends, currency fluctuations, and economic conditions.

Current Gold Prices (30 December 2023)

Let’s delve into the specific rates for various gold types, measured in Pakistani Rupees (PKR):

24K Gold

WeightRate per GramRate per 10 GramsRate per TolaRate per OunceRate per Kilogram
CurrentPKR 18,793PKR 187,929PKR 219,200PKR 584,524PKR 18,792,867
24K Gold Rates in Pakistan

22K Gold

WeightRate per GramRate per 10 GramsRate per TolaRate per OunceRate per Kilogram
CurrentPKR 17,182PKR 171,817PKR 200,407PKR 534,410PKR 17,181,682
22K Gold Rates in Pakistan

21K Gold

WeightRate per GramRate per 10 GramsRate per TolaRate per OunceRate per Kilogram
CurrentPKR 16,376PKR 163,761PKR 191,011PKR 509,353PKR 16,376,089
21K Gold Rates in Pakistan

18K Gold

WeightRate per GramRate per 10 GramsRate per TolaRate per OunceRate per Kilogram
CurrentPKR 13,959PKR 139,593PKR 162,821PKR 434,183PKR 13,959,311
18K Gold Rates in Pakistan

Historical Gold Rates

For a deeper understanding, let’s explore the historical gold rates in Pakistan over the last few months:

Month24K Rate per Tola (PKR)22K Rate per Tola (PKR)
September ’23PKR 214,300PKR 195,927
October ’23PKR 218,500PKR 199,767
November ’23PKR 220,100PKR 201,230
Best 3 Months Gold Rates in Pakistan

Factors Influencing Gold Rates

Understanding the dynamics of gold rates involves considering multiple factors such as fluctuations in the dollar rate and the economic stability of Pakistan. Keep an eye on these elements to make informed decisions about your gold investments.

Feel free to check back regularly for real-time updates on gold rates in Pakistan.

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1. What Drives Fluctuations in Gold Rates?

  • Gold rates are influenced by factors such as global economic conditions, geopolitical events, and changes in the value of the US Dollar. Any shift in these elements can lead to fluctuations in gold prices.

2. How Often Do Gold Rates Change?

  • Gold rates in Pakistan can change multiple times per day due to the dynamic nature of the global gold market. It’s advisable to stay updated with real-time rates.

3. Where Can I Check the Latest Gold Rates?

  • For the most accurate and up-to-date gold rates, you can visit local gold merchants, jewelers, or check reliable financial news websites. Our website also provides real-time updates.

4. Is the Gold Rate the Same Across All Cities in Pakistan?

  • While the gold rate generally remains consistent across the country, slight variations of a few hundred rupees may be observed across different cities.

5. How Can I Sell Gold at the Best Price?

  • It’s recommended to sell gold at Sarafa Bazar to wholesalers, as they often offer better prices compared to local jewelers. Research and compare offers before making a decision.

6. Can I Track Historical Gold Rates?

  • Yes, our website provides historical gold rates by month, allowing you to analyze trends and make more informed decisions about your investments.

7. What Are the Differences Between 24K and 22K Gold?

  • 24K gold is the purest form, containing 99.5% gold, while 22K gold has 91.6% gold and 8.4% other metals. The purity difference is reflected in the prices.

8. How Many Grams in One Tola?

  • One tola is equivalent to 11.664 grams. This conversion is essential when assessing gold prices per gram.

9. How Can I Stay Updated on Gold Rates Throughout the Day?

  • Regularly check our website or download our app from the Google Play Store for hourly updates on gold rates, ensuring you stay well-informed.

10. Why Does Economic Instability Affect Gold Rates in Pakistan?

  • Economic instability, including inflation and financial uncertainty, often leads investors to turn to gold as a safe-haven asset, impacting gold prices.