iPhone 15 pro overheating

Apple attributes iPhone 15 Pro overheating to an iOS 17 bug, not a hardware design issue.

Apple has stated that the problem of iPhone 15 Pro overheating is partly due to recent updates in certain third-party iOS 17 applications such as Instagram and Uber.

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Numerous reports of recently released iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Pro overheating can be attributed to a variety of factors, one of which is a software bug within iOS 17.

The company stated that the titanium frame and aluminum substructure of the new phones do not appear to be causing the problem; in fact, they seem to manage heat more effectively than the stainless steel found in previous Pro models.

Kuo: iPhone 15 Pro Overheating Issues Likely Due to Thermal Compromises,  Not 3nm Node - MacRumors
iPhone 15 Pro

Shortly after the iPhone 15 series was released, reports began to surface about users experiencing iPhone 15 pro overheating overheating issues with their new phones. Some individuals found their phones too hot to hold comfortably, while others shared images of infrared thermometers displaying temperatures exceeding 80 degrees Fahrenheit for their iPhones.

iPhone 15 pro overheating reasons

“We have pinpointed several factors that may lead to an iPhone running at a higher temperature than anticipated,” stated Apple.

“During the initial days of device setup or restoration, increased background activity may result in the device feeling warmer. Additionally, we have identified a bug within iOS 17 affecting certain users, which will be resolved in an upcoming software update.

Furthermore, recent updates to third-party apps have been identified as a source of system overload, and we are actively collaborating with these app developers to implement remedies that will soon be available.”

Earlier this week, Faruk Korkmaz, a tech reviewer, released a video in which he showcased his iPhone 15 Pro overheating showing quickly reaching a temperature of 98 degrees Fahrenheit just minutes after he launched the Instagram app. He also experienced a similar issue with his iPhone 14 Pro Max running iOS 17.

Faruk Korkmaz - Founder - iPhonedo | LinkedIn
Faruk Korkmaz

Apple has provided an explanation regarding recent issues associated with certain third-party applications running on iOS 17, such as Instagram, Asphalt 9, and Uber. These applications have been found to place excessive demands on the A17 Pro chip’s CPU, causing iPhones to experience elevated temperatures.

Apple is actively collaborating with third-party developers to address and rectify these issues of iPhone 15 pro overheating. As a result of this collaboration, Instagram released an updated version of its app on September 27th.

At the moment, there has been no official announcement regarding the release date of the software update that will resolve the iOS 17 bug which results in iPhone 15 pro overheating. However, it’s important to note that Apple has assured users that this fix will not compromise the performance of their iPhones.

Regarding charging, Apple has clarified that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models are compatible with any USB-C adapter that complies with the USB-C standard, including USB Power Delivery. The iPhone is designed to regulate its charging to a maximum of 27W. If a charger with a rating of 20W or higher is used, the phone may temporarily experience increased warmth as a result.

According to Apple’s support page, it’s normal for your iPhone 15 pro overheating and generate some warmth during initial setup, restoration from a backup, or wireless charging. I’ve observed this with several previous iPhone models and Android devices.

Steps for preventing iPhone 15 pro overheating

If you own an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max and find that it’s getting excessively hot, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take while waiting for Apple to release the iOS 17 update.

  1. You can activate Low Power Mode either through the Control Center or in the Battery settings within the Settings app. This will temporarily halt background tasks, reduce the display refresh rate to 60Hz, and lower screen brightness.
  2. Avoid exposing your phone to direct sunlight or extreme heat for extended periods.
  3. And if you suspect that a particular app is causing the issue, you can disable background refresh for that app in the General settings within the Settings app.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Does iPhone 15 have heating issue?

The tech giant then added that the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Pro might heat up initially when you setup the device or restore it. This happens due to “increased background activity.” The company then added that a bug in iOS 17, and third-party app updates could also result in the phone heating up.

  • What happens when your iPhone overheats and won’t turn on?

In the case that the iPhone cannot control its internal temperature, it goes into a deep sleep until it achieves the normal operating temperature. If your iPhone overheats and won’t turn on, you should take the device away from direct sunlight and let it rest for a while in a cooler place. Then try to turn it on.

  • What is Apple doing about the iPhone 15 overheating?

The problem with the new models overheating was not related to the titanium chassis design, Apple said. Instead, Apple points to bugs with specific apps and a bug in iOS that can be fixed with software updates. Apple said that a forthcoming iOS 17 update to address the issue won’t reduce the performance of the devices.

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