Mac and Windows

Choosing Between Mac and Windows: Which is Right for You 2024?


The Dilemma: Mac or Windows?

Last week, my teammate Joseph decided he wanted to become an editor. I wanted to get him the best computer to handle his new role, but we couldn’t decide whether to go with Mac or Windows. It turns out that in 2023, there are now vast differences between what the two can do. So, I ended up buying both kinds of machines to test and figure out which one is actually better. This blog will discuss the comparison between Mac and Windows computers and help you decide which one is right for you.

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The Budget: 1600 Pounds

Our total budget was 1600 pounds, which allowed us to get the absolute highest-end new 15-inch MacBook Air in the UK. With the same budget, we could also afford to go for one of the very best Windows laptops, the 2023 Dell XPS 15.

The Unboxing Experience

As always, the Apple unboxing experience is not generous but of high quality. The Dell XPS 15 also impressed us with its presentation. Both laptops had their own unique touches, such as the braided magnetic cable and the free USB hub that came with the Dell. Overall, the unboxing experience was a draw.

Build Quality and Design

While we expected the MacBook to have a noticeable step up in build quality, both the MacBook and Dell XPS 15 surprised us. The Dell XPS 15 features machined aluminum paired with a carbon fiber palm rest, glossy accents, and firm hinges. On the other hand, the MacBook has a sturdy aluminum enclosure and few individual parts. Both laptops felt durable and did not feel like they would fall apart easily. Therefore, we considered it a draw in terms of build quality.

Ports and Connectivity

The Dell XPS 15 wins in the ports category. It offers three ultra-fast USB-C ports, an SD card slot, and a security lock port. In contrast, the MacBook only has two USB-C ports and no card slots. However, the MacBook has a few redeeming factors. It uses the MagSafe charger, which is more convenient and less likely to cause damage if accidentally pulled. Additionally, the Apple charger is compact and pocket-friendly. Overall, the ports category goes to Windows, but the MacBook has its advantages too.

Display and Screen Quality

The MacBook excels in screen quality. Apple focuses on creating a Retina display, where you can’t see any individual pixels from a normal viewing distance. The MacBook’s glossy screen also helps with color representation. While the Dell XPS 15 has industry-standard resolutions and a bezel-less look, the MacBook’s display is sharper and offers better color representation. Additionally, the MacBook’s webcam and audio quality are superior. Therefore, the MacBook wins in the display and screen category.

Keyboard and Mac and Windows

The keyboard and trackpad are important considerations when choosing a laptop. The MacBook’s keyboard has a sharp and clicky key press, while the Dell XPS 15’s keyboard feels more springy. Both have their pros and cons, but it ultimately comes down to personal preference. In terms of the trackpad, the MacBook’s trackpad feels more satisfying and intentional to use. While Windows laptops have improved in trackpad functionality, the MacBook still takes the lead in this category.

Performance and Efficiency

The performance comparison between Mac and Windows is a bit tricky. While Windows laptops tend to have better specs on paper, Apple’s custom chips and optimized software make a difference. Apple apps perform extremely well on the MacBook, and the lower power requirements of Apple’s hardware allow for better efficiency and longer battery life. On the other hand, Windows offers better compatibility with a wide range of programs and games. Ultimately, it depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Software and Customization

Mac OS and Windows 11 offer similar functionality but with some key differences. Mac OS prioritizes simplicity, design consistency, and stability. Apple’s control over both hardware and software allows for a more optimized experience. In contrast, Windows offers more customization options and the ability to personalize your system. Additionally, Windows has better compatibility with various work programs and games. Both operating systems have their strengths, so it depends on your preferences and requirements.

Conclusion: Making the Choice

Choosing between Mac and Windows ultimately comes down to personal preferences and specific needs. The MacBook offers a more luxurious experience, with superior build quality, display, and audio. It excels in efficiency and battery life. On the other hand, Windows laptops offer better compatibility and customization options, making them suitable for those who want more control over their system and need compatibility with specific programs or games.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use Windows programs on a Mac?

Yes, you can use Windows programs on a Mac by using virtualization software or dual-booting with Boot Camp.

2. Can I customize the look of my Windows laptop?

Yes, Windows allows for extensive customization. You can change themes, wallpapers, and even make it look like a Mac if you prefer.

3. Which operating system is more secure?

Both Mac and Windows have their security measures in place. Macs are generally less targeted by hackers, but it’s essential to keep your system updated and use proper security practices regardless of the operating system.

4. Can I play games on a Mac?

Yes, you can play games on a Mac, but Windows offers better compatibility and performance for gaming due to its wider selection of games and optimized drivers.

5. Which one is more suitable for professional work?

Both Mac and Windows are suitable for professional work. It depends on your specific requirements and the software you need to use. Macs are popular among creative professionals, while Windows is widely used in various industries.